Quick Read On Inverters.

What is an Inverter?
An Inverter is an energy backup device that converts DC energy stored in a battery into AC power to provide you with electricity during periods of v cut.

What size of Inverter do I need?
The right size of Inverter depends on the total load of the appliances you wish to operate on your inverter. You should consider both the starting surge rating and the continuous rating of all connected appliances as loads typically use many time their continuous rating to start.

How far can I keep my batteries from my Inverter?
It is best to keep your batteries as close as possible to your inverter. Keeping the cables short will help your batteries perform their best. If you increase the distance, you will need to use larger DC cables to compensate for a drop in voltage and DC ripple.

How many hours of back-up power will I get from my Inverter?
The length of back-up time you get on your inverter will depend on the size of your battery bank. Generally the larger the battery banks the longer the back-up time.

Is my Inverter Weatherproof?
Inverters should be kept indoors away from moisture. Treat your inverter like your other electronic devices such as your t.v set. Keep your Inverters in a dry and well-ventilated  environment.

Where will my Inverter be installed?
Your Inverter system should typically be installed close to your home’s main Distribution board. However, the inverter system can be installed anywhere as long as it is convenient to place your battery bank and Inverter.